Grand American Road Trips In Iowa Stops: Better Than Corn Fields

I and my girlfriend needed new adventures after completing 5 years of stay in New York City. We had taken a 6 month off from work to explore Great American Road Trip which I always dreamed for. It is a travel across the whole country on fifty states road trip which includes Hawaii and Alaska as well. The first stop is plane crash spot which is famously known as “The Day the Music Died.”

This spot symbolizes the place where plane consisting of Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly crashed just six miles after the take-off during 3rd February, 1959. Recently, there is a memorial here which is the perfect destination for anyone who would like paying homage to the lost men. This includes a huge pair of glasses which resemble iconic eyeglasses of Buddy Holly. One would be completely astonished on seeing various groups showing up on short visit of half an hour, though the location is located at rural area. This clearly shows how iconic these rollers and rocks are. After heading back to RV, the drive was to Des Moines.

One would have heard lots about Drink Lab plus Zombie Burger and thus the travelers would stop here for dinner and it would match one’s reputation. They have dummy zombies all over and there are even movie posters which twist to resemble horror flicks. The scary thing of that place is the burger which we had. We have placed order for most famous stuff on menu list- grilled cheese filled patty instead of usual bun with zombie sauce and one bacon. This was really delicious. If you happen to eat lot of this, you would get commissioned for few hours. The same night, we had slept comfortably at Holiday Inn and had shower through extra-ordinary water pressures which is really a luxury for visitors at RV.

The visitors can even be lucky getting enough vouchers for breakfast from reception and have delicious breakfasts in morning. After having meals, we have decided going to main attractive spot of Des Moines- Mary Pappajohn and John sculptures at Park downtown. This enormous park was dissimilar to any of the city parks which you would have visited before. The park was filled with varieties of artworks and was crowd-free.

The State Capitol building of Iowa in Des Moines is one of the most attractive capitol building located between New York and Iowa. This is gorgeous, beyond expectations from the rest of the places. You can stay an extra day to enjoy the beauty of this place. Iowa is completely something better than corn fields which exceed your expectations in cities, art and more than anything- the hospitality. The people of these places are nicer, whom you meet during your trip.