Pointers on How to Keep a Travel Journal and Why

If you have not been keeping a travel journal or have neglected it for some reason, here are pointers why you should write one, and religiously so.

Value of a Travel Journal

Travel experiences can’t all be captured on video or photograph, and your memory isn’t the most reliable, too. A travel journal would be the best thing to store all those little details about your travel moments – those idyllic sceneries and how you felt that moment, those one-of-a-kind jokes you’ve heard from a local, and those golden travel tips worth remembering and worth sharing later. Keeping a travel journal would document your trips with the most precise timeliness and aptness. Jot down emotions, highlights, observations and just about anything. Your journal would be a great read later when you come home or when you revisit a place (helping you become a more informed traveler).

Pointers for Keeping a Travel Journal

Don’t write it after some rigid format. A travel journal doesn’t have to be standardized. Scribble on it, sketch on it, or paste pictures or stuff on it – it really doesn’t matter. It can be a diary, a photo album, a scrapbook, an autograph, a collage, or perhaps a combination of all these. Develop the habit. Start putting entries before you start the trip, during and after. Carry it wherever you go, and keep a pen in handy, so you can fill those pages every time you encounter something interesting.

Record the highlights of the moment. The journal should not be about a quick recap of your vacation (I woke up, I ate, I went out. . .), rather, it should be a compilation of those special moments and interesting experiences such as a segment of a meaty conversation, a short description of an exotic food you tried, etc.

If keeping a manual travel journal is a chore, try using a digital journal for a change. That way, you can also take photos and videos, which you can easily incorporate into your journal. The digital travel journal is also easy to share with others.