The Things to Do when travel to Japan

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Travel to Japan is no matter for you, there are interesting things to see and do. There are some following things that you should include in your itinerary.

1) Take in a Geisha Show

This show is held in Kyoto, Miyako Odori . It is one of the most famous shows in Japan that was performed by the women who have extensive training in order to perform traditional dance routines, and play their instruments. The show is well worth. However, the tickets are a bit expensive.

2) Visit a temple

There are dozens of temples in Japan and each one merits a visit. Konpon Daito pagoda is one of the most famous with the striking red, located in the small town of Mount Koya.

There are one hundred temples in this area, and one of the largest graveyards in Japan, it is nestled among cedar trees and atmospheric forests.

3) Nijo

This castle is located in Kyoto; it dates back to the 1600’s and is a must for any history buff. It has two concrete rings, a moat and several scenic gardens.

4) Togetsu-kyo

This is a nice bridge that spans the Hozu River. The literal translation is “Crossing Moon Bridge.”

5) Mount Fuji

This is one of the most famous attractions of Japan and located about 60 miles outside of Tokyo. This mountain is considered one of “Three Holy Mountains and is one of most distinctive features of Japan. You will want to conquer this definitely mountain if you are a climber. However, it is strongly discouraged for you to climb is from October to May, because of the volatile weather. There are only certain months of the year that are optimal to climb.

6) Imperial Palace

You will not want to miss this historical site because this is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan with the sights that surrounded by gardens, museums and other architectural buildings.

7) Miyajima

This island is sacred site of both Buddhism and Shintoism that located approximately ten miles outside of Hiroshima. It looks small with only 12 square miles, but is blanketed by ancient forests. A few small temples is located here including the Gumonjido, which was founded in the 9th century.

Most of people consider Japan is a once in a lifetime trip, you will take a trip as much as possible to study its rich history and culture. If any of these sites come as part of an all-inclusive package, you can ask your travel agent. Furthermore, can search web for discounts and deals. Remember to bring your camera; you will want to capture all of the amazing sights and unique architecture that this country has to offer.